Where is rajaji national park located

Where is Rajaji National Park located- Jeep Safari Rajaji National Park is strategically located in the northern part of India, spanning over the states of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh. It is nestled along the foothills of the Himalayas, providing a scenic backdrop that enhances its natural beauty and wilderness. This prime location makes it a crucial wildlife corridor between the Himalayan ranges and the Indo-Gangetic Plains.

Location of Rajaji National Park

Where is rajaji national park located
Where is Rajaji National Park located

Geographical Details

Spread across the states of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, Rajaji National Park is a colossal expanse of 820 square kilometers. It was named after C. Rajagopalachari, the last Governor-General of India. The park covers the Shivalik ranges, the sub-Himalayan geographical belt, known for its diverse terrain and prolific vegetation.

Nearest City and How to Reach

The park is easily accessible from Dehradun city is closest to Rajaji National Park located approximately 25 kilometers away. Dehradun can be reached by air, with its own airport linking to major Indian cities, or by road, one can enjoy a picturesque drive through the hillsides. Arriving in Dehradun, travelers can avail of a taxi or bus service to reach the park.

Biodiversity and Wildlife

Where is rajaji national park located
Where is Rajaji National Park located

Flora and Fauna Diversity

The park is a treasure trove of flora, with a rich variety of vegetation changing from the moist deciduous in the east to dry mixed deciduous in the west. The diverse ecosystem supports an extraordinary range of wildlife.

Highlighted Species

Rajaji is home to Asian elephants, tigers, leopards, deer, and a significant count of avian fauna. The Ganga River forms the park’s northern boundary, making it a critical habitat for the endangered Ganges river dolphin. The park also serves as a popular corridor for the pachyderms migrating from the ChillaMotichur corridor of Rajaji to the jim Corbett National Park.

Activities and Attractions

Where is rajaji national park located
Where is Rajaji National Park located

Safari Options

Wildlife safaris are the best way to traverse the park’s vastness, with 34 different types of mammals and 315 bird species to discover. The park offers both jeep and elephant safaris, providing close encounters with the resident wildlife.

Bird Watching Spots

For the birding enthusiasts, Rajaji is a haven. The centrally located Chilla range is particularly renowned for its birdlife. Spotting great hornbills, crested kingfishers, and the pied hornbill is a bird watcher’s delight.

Trekking Trails

Scenic trekking trails are spread across the park, challenging the adventurers with terrain ranging from easy to difficult. The Motichur and Chilla ranges offer immersive treks through the core areas, offering breathtaking views of the Shivalik hills.

Conservation Efforts

Initiatives for Wildlife Protection

Where is rajaji national park located
Where is Rajaji National Park located

The focus of the park’s management is on conservation and habitat management. Several conservation programs are in place to protect the park’s Ellie population, Tiger Reserve, and for the conservation of the Asian elephant population.

Community Involvement

The park has actively engaged the local communities in its conservation initiatives, promoting alternative livelihoods such as eco-tourism, organic farming, and skill development programs. This collaborative approach has been pivotal in achieving sustainable results for the park.

Photography Opportunities

Best Spots for Wildlife Photography

The panoramic landscapes and the abundant wildlife make Rajaji a dream destination for wildlife photographers. The park houses many ideal photography spots, such as riverbeds, grasslands, and dense forests.

Tips for Capturing the Essence of the Park

Where is rajaji national park located
Where is Rajaji National Park located

The key to capturing the essence of Rajaji lies in patience and preparedness. Affording a telephoto lens to capture wildlife from a distance is crucial. Early morning and late afternoon safaris provide the best lighting conditions for photography.

Conclusion – Where is Rajaji National Park located

Rajaji National Park is not just another tick on the traveler’s bucket list; it is a commitment to the preservation of nature. Its pristine wilderness unfolds opportunities for adventure and leisure. Encapsulating the enthralling beauty of the Himalayan foothills and the rich wildlife, Rajaji is a place where one transcends from being an observer of nature to its guardian. Whether you are an adventure-seeker, a naturalist, or someone longing for an escape into the wilderness, the magnetic allure of Rajaji National Park awaits. Pack your bags, and set forth to write a chapter of your own amidst the verdant vincula that is Rajaji.

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