Tickets and Entry for Jeep Safari in Rajaji National Park

Take a trip to Rajaji National Park for a wild adventure! Sit on a strong jeep and explore the park's nature. There are different landscapes with many animals. You'll see deer in green fields and hear langurs in thick forests. You might find something amazing at every turn.

While on the trip, look out for tigers, elephants, and colorful birds in the sky. Guides will tell you about the park and animals. The excitement of not knowing what you'll see next makes the jeep safari in Rajaji a fun adventure. So, get ready and enjoy the simple but awesome experience of Rajaji!

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How to book Jeep Safari in Rajaji National Park

Step.1: Book the permit from official website of Rajaji National Park

Step.2: Come to our website to book Jungle Safari.

Step.3: Select the date you want to visit from the calendar.

Step.4: Select the zone from the given list.

Step.5: Select the shift (morning/evening).

Step.6: Enter the details of visitors along with the group leader.

Step.7: Make the payment.

Step.8: Your day visit ticket will be booked.

Jeep Safari price Haridwar in Rajaji National Park

  • In Haridwar, there are many zones. These include Gohari, Chilla, Ranipur, Motichur, and Jhilmil Jheel jeep safari zone. The price of the Jeep Safari may vary depending on which gate (zone) you choose.
  • The price of the Jeep Safari is higher for foreigners.
  • Hiring a guide is optional, but it can be a good idea if you want to learn more about the park and its wildlife.

Here is a general breakdown of the Rajaji National Park gypsy/safari price in Haridwar:

  • Indians: Approx ₹3200-3400 per jeep (4-6 people) but Different For Each Haridwar Gate
  • Foreigners: Approx ₹4020-4800 per jeep (4-6 people) but Different For Each Haridwar Gate

Also to the Jeep Safari price, you will need to pay for park entry fees. These fees are:

  • Indians: ₹150 per person
  • Foreigners: ₹600 per person

Also, you have to pay road tax/entry:

  • Indians: ₹ 250/- (One Time for all 6 people)
  • Foreigners: ₹ 500/- (One Time for all 6 people)

And guide (if needed)

  • Indians: ₹ 1000/-
  • Foreigners: ₹ 1000/-

Please note that these prices are general. It is always best to contact the park to get the latest prices. Contact No. - 📞 +91 98373 89430