Jeep Safari Ranipur Safari Zone

  • Ranipur Safari Trek Length: :25km
  • Duration: :2 Hours
  • Safari Entry Timimg:6am to 10am & 2pm to 6pm
  • Entry fee for indian:150inr/per person
  • Gypsy Price:250/inr per person
  • Expert Guide:1000inr/
  • Safari for foreigner:600 inr/ per person
  • Gypsy Price:500/inr per person
  • Expert Guide:1000inr/

If you've decided on this adventure, you're in the right place. Forest animals will hunt, and predators will hunt them. Join us for the Ranipur Jungle Safari.So go ahead, join us, and book your Ranipur Jungle Safari.

The Ranipur Zone Safari is 25 km long. You will see many types of animals, like deer, sambar deer, nilgai, and leopards. You will also see 350 types of birds. Often here, you will also see leopards sitting on the walls or hunting.

This is a place with hills and small grass, which makes this view very nice. When you enter this forest, you will hear many beautiful bird calls. It is very common to see different species of owls. You also have to be a little cautious because leopards are always waiting to ambush their prey here. Leopards attack in the blink of an eye, so be careful. The rest of you can also click on good pictures of this forest to make your trek memorable.

Ranipur Jungle Safari Timings And Tickets Price

Safari timings
Morning safari 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Evening safari 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Duration Approximately 3 hours
Entry fee INR 300 per jeep
Safari guide fee INR 500 (normal guide) or INR 800 (expert guide)
Safari permit INR 150 per person (Indian) or INR 600 per person (foreigner)

Why Choose Ranipur For Wildlife Safari

Ranipur Safari is a popular tourist attraction. Uttarakhand, India, houses Rajaji National Park. The safari package covers a distance of approximately 25 kilometres. It duration for 2 hours. The Ranipur zone is home to a variety of wildlife species, such as spotted deer, sambhar deer, and nilgai. If lucky, even leopards live there. In the region, you can discover an astonishing variety of animals. Graceful spotted deer graze in open clearings.

Majestic Sambhar deer meander through dense foliage. Spread over an area of 230 km2, it contains a great variety of vegetation.

The sanctuary is also the natural habitat of several animals.

Visitors can also spot painted storks, black-necked storks, and other bird species. The best time to visit the sanctuary is from November to June. It is accessible by air, train, and road. Visitors can choose any of these safari zones for a wildlife experience. Ranipur and Jhilmil zones are about 15 km from Haridwar city. Chilla and Motichur are 12 and 9 km from Haridwar City.

Tips For your Ranipur Jeep Safari

  • Book your safari permits in advance, especially during peak season.
  • Bring along a camera with a decent zoom lens and binoculars.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and safari shoe which is suitable for walking and uneven terrain.
  • Opt for neutral colors like khaki or olive green, as bright colors can scare away the animals.
  • Apply sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Bring water and snacks.
  • Be respectful of the wildlife and avoid disturbing them.
  • Take some time to learn about the animals you might see on your safari. This will make the experience more enjoyable and help you identify the animals you spot.

What Is The Best Time To Jeep Safari Ranipur Safari Zone

The best time is from November 15th to June 15th. It remains closed during other months. At that time, there are monsoons, so animals do not come out much.

Now, tourists can roam in a cool environment where there is no extreme heat. This is the time to go inside to see the animals. Wear proper clothes in the forest during the winter so that you do not fall ill due to the cold.

Which is the best zone for safari in Rajaji National Park?

Jeep Safari Ranipur Safari Zone is one of the most famous gates of the National Park. This forest is very beautiful in itself. Tourists go on safari here for a distance of 25 kilometers. Jeep Safari The forest of Ranipur Safari is very dense, and it has more wild animals than others.

In which you can see leopards, along with that you can also see small or big herds of elephants. Woodpeckers are more visible due to the sal forest, as are hornbills and barbets.

Leopard sightings can be very good if you have an expert nature guide with you. This is because leopards feed on the fruit in the ficus trees.


Many people already know a little about Ranipur Safari. It is a tourist attraction in Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand, India. The safari will cost around Rs. 25 Tourists will see animals such as spotted deer, sambar deer, nilgai, and barking deer. You might even spot foxes, elephants, and, if you're lucky, leopards. Your safari will last for 2 hours. The entry fee for Indian citizens is Rs 150 per person for the permit and Rs 250 per gypsy for the entry fee. The safari is open in two slots: morning (6 a.m. to 10 a.m.) and evening (2 p.m. to 6 p.m.).

If you want to book the Ranipur safari package, you can see the details by clicking on our website. Otherwise, you can also book by calling +91 98373 89430.

Which animal found in Jeep Safari Ranipur Safari Zone

Rajaji National Park is home to a variety of animals. These include spotted deer, sambar, and wild boar. There are also tigers, leopards,goral, Himalayan black bear and sloth bears. There are also more than 400 bird species here,if you are birding enthusiast do visit Jhilmil Jheel Safari Zone there are huge rage of animals and birds for exploring in jheel safari.

How to book Jeep Safari Ranipur Safari Zone

  • Now, if you decided to book with us, what are you waiting for? You must be wondering how to book.
  • You can book in two ways: either online or by going to our website. You can access the website via web browser.
  • You can also buy tickets, but if you want to avoid long queues, then book it online only. You will save time.