Birds in Rajaji National Park

Birds in Rajaji

Rajaji National Park is a haven for birdwatchers, with over 400 species of birds documented within its borders. This rich diversity is due to a number of factors. These factors include the park's location in the ecotone zone between the Shivalik Hills and the Gangetic Plain. The park's variety of habitats also contributes to its rich diversity. These habitats range from sal forests and grasslands to wetlands and riparian areas.

Here are some of the most notable birds you might encounter in Rajaji National Park:

Resident birds:

  • Rufous treepie: Rufous treepie is a lively and inquisitive bird. It is a common sight in the park's forests, where it can be seen hopping from branch to branch, searching for food.
  • Black-headed jay: Another vocal resident, the black-headed jay is known for its loud calls and acrobatic displays.
Bird in Rajaji
  • Crimson sunbird: These tiny jewels of the forest are attracted to flowers, where they can be seen feeding on nectar.
  • Yellow-crowned woodpecker: The yellow-crowned woodpecker is striking. It is found in both dry and moist forests. It drums on trees in search of insects.
  • Verditer flycatcher: The verditer flycatcher is a small bird that excels at camouflage. It perches motionless on branches, waiting for insects to come within range.
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Migratory birds:

  • Painted stork: These large, colorful storks migrate to Rajaji from Central Asia in the winter months.
  • Common crane: These graceful birds can be seen in large flocks during their migration between Europe and Asia.
  • Bar-headed goose: These distinctive geese breed in Central Asia and spend the winter in India.

Birds of prey:

  • Crested hawk-eagle: This powerful raptor is at the top of the food chain in Rajaji, and its shrill call is often heard echoing through the forests.
  • Shikra: This smaller hawk is a skilled hunter of lizards, snakes, and small birds.
  • Honey buzzard: This migratory raptor is known for its unique habit of raiding beehives to steal honey.

Whether you're a seasoned birdwatcher or a casual nature enthusiast. Rajaji National Park is sure to offer you an unforgettable birding experience. The park has stunning scenery and an incredible variety of avian life. It's a true paradise for bird lovers.